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w00t @ American Psycho! [30 Sep 2008|02:33pm]
HOW have I never gotten around to seeing this movie before?! JEEZ. Christian Bale AND Jared Leto... Granted, they're all mocked up in pseudo 80s garb/hairstyles/mannerisms, but hey. This is awesome.
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I got my semester grades todaaaaaaaay.... :} [09 May 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Mines.Collapse )

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Wow. [24 Mar 2005|12:39am]
[ mood | awake ]

I never thought I'd actually say this... and mean it.
But, I feel like a cunt. I don't know if I've ever said that word aloud...
How about whore? Bitch? Damn.

Aaaanyways. I think I need to slow my role. I may or may not be overloading myself. Who's to say? Eh. Well.

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Why the hell not? [10 Nov 2004|01:45am]
[ mood | restless ]

Ah. Let's see. Might as well update this thing I suppose.

Oh the eventful life I lead lately. It feels like I'm finally coming to terms with all the shit that has overwhelmed me this past year. Losing people, dropping them, gaining new insight into the cruel side of my so-called friends. How many times have I come close to death this past year? How many times has my life been put in jeopardy by another... Who the fuck should have that right? Certainly not the assholes that have transported me to my present state. And the irony. Oh god, the irony makes me sick. They are familiar names. Familiar faces. Even now I cannot escape those who I left behind. Their names are everywhere. On the lips of a stranger, even. And you know them too. No one would believe, and no one deserves to be told.
And so here I am. With a renewed sense of caution and fresh wounds to lick. As if I weren't already overly wary of new people, I have more than a bit of resentment to cope with.
And Beans. Beans Beans Beans. Leyna. What to do with you..?
How can people so easily forget when I do nothing but hold keepsakes of the past, no matter how horrible- it just seems vital not to forget. The mistakes, the fears, the choices and the pain. My biggest mistake was to forget what I've seen and been through... Another Pandora's box is at the end of the tunnel. At least I'm biding my time this one around. Slow, steady, and not enjoying anything or anyone more than I should. I just can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm doing more damage in the process. It seems, for me at least, that people will only be pushed so far. Either they snap and push you back, or they disappear forever. And I'm sick of being the one to disappear.
Who wouldn't get sick and fucking tired of feeling completely expendable?
Ah yes, getting on the plane for NYC at 7 tonight. Mmm... the weather and the energy of Queens. I miss it there...

How the HELL can I go back to PSL in January? *shudder*

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[09 Sep 2003|02:38pm]
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Hell yeah...
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Ozzfest '03 [02 Sep 2003|03:53pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ozzfest was the shit. Ozzy was fucking awesome. Korn kicked ass. Disturbed was good. Manson was really good. Chevelle sucked. Cradle of Filth sucked(XD). Chimera was awesome. Voivod, and Twisted Metal werent that good... werent that bad either. Motograter was okay. Mr. Bunny(aka- Lecter... keyboard player) was the shit. THE SHIT I TELL YOU! "THROWWWWWW YOUR BRAAAAAAAS AT MISTAH BUNNAH!!!!"-Dani Filth. Heh.

The End.


Oh yeah... GreenBean... hate to break it to you BUT- I secretly LOVE Cradle Of Filth... just so you know. ;)

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>:D [01 Aug 2003|10:37pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

HIIIIIIIII PEOPLE!!! ^_^ I'm happy. Go me. Go my mom. Go GB (cause you were there I guess? O.o lol). ^_^ :D *_*

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I guess not having much to say is why I dont update this thing more o_o [28 Jul 2003|04:14am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi people. Stayed up watching Schindler's List and The Pianist. Sad movies and all that jazz, but they're really good too.

I realized some shit today, all of it bad. I kind of woke up to a lot of stuff you could say... Damn, I hate this whole realization shit. I wanna be 5 again. Kthx.

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Summer Sloth [07 Jun 2003|06:40pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Welp, havent updated in ages, as usual. Lets see, what terribly exciting events have taken place since my last entry? SCHOOL ENDED! yay. Thats enough for me. No sob stories from me about how I miss class, nope.

I finally talked to Joe since he moved, yay! I dont know what to say except that I wish he didnt move, but it's not like I can help that... :( I know I'll miss him more when I actually accept that he's not gonna be back anytime soon (still waiting for it to dawn on me I guess). Friends moving away always sucks. Its weird thinking back on all the friends I have lost, or moved away from. Back then, my relationships with all my friends seemed so significant, but thinking about it now, they seem so... cheap and pointless and just- stupid. Before I moved here, I had absolutely no sense of self (analyze that however). I was the loud girl in my class that had lots of friends, and two supposed "best friends". We did things every weekend, and considered ourselves quite the bad-asses. The things I did back then were so stupid. I was so idiotic (who's to say I'm not now.. but- umm yeah). I didnt get to know people well, or let them know me. I always want to know as much as possible about others, while getting aways with saying as little as possible. What I think is weird is that, I used to consider the people I associated myself with back then to be true friends. More recently, the people I hang out with... Well, I would LIKE to say I know a lot about them(I think so..), and they know more about me than anyone else has, and yet I have a major problem with even thinking that anyone is or could be a true friend to me. Anyways, summing up this completely idiotic waste of space that I just typed for no apparent reason heh, I used to be content with so much less than I have now (that applies to a lot of things). I dont know what happened, and whether thats good or bad. Nothing that I care about ever seems to have a solution (especially one that I'd like).


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Umm... all fear meh? O.o

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The maker of that quiz is seriously deranged.

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BLAH [11 May 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Havent updated in a long time... sorry about that.. WELL, Thursday and Friday at school was our Wax Museum. Everyone in my class had to choose a person to portray. We had to dress up like them and memorize a speech with the most important and interesting facts about them. All grades at our school came to see us make fools out of ourselves over the course of 2 days. I chose to be Brandon Lee. I enjoyed learning new things about him, but I didnt really enjoy having people harass me. I was one of the most popular wax figures (so I got activated OVER and OVER) though I only got attention because I was dressed strangely... Not only was I Brandon Lee, but my teacher thought it would be better to dress up as Eric Draven from the Crow (complete with the face makeup). Needless to say (to those of you in my class anyways)I got into a fight. This girl, Antoinette(sp?)Carrion (Mrs.Carrion's daughter) was pissing me off a LOT. She 'activated' me repeatedly, and kept on touching my guitar and laughing to her idiotic friends. She shoved me, my guitar hit the wall (trigger fires in my head at this point), and I get... mad. I was careful to give my guitar to gb(in the middle of a speech at this point) before I went after her. Mrs. Siringo ended up coming inbetween us. Overall, the lamest bitch-fight ever.
On a new topic, I am happy to say that my guitar skills are finally developing. I can finally play quite a few songs that I like... an hopefully gb, blu and I will play one together soon..
Sadly, Joe (demonicxrage) is moving. Wah. Not like I havent known for a while but- I didnt exactly realize he was moving in 20 days. I WILL MISS YOU JOE :D. But, seeing as how you are looking forward to moving that much, I hope its great.

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belated post [14 Apr 2003|12:47am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Well, havent posted in a long time... last weekend was amazing. I went to see The Used with Kiwi and Nikki, and I finally completed my goal of meeting Bert McCracken >:D (and I have the pictures to prove it).
Heh... heh. Spring Break is this week, hope it will be fun(or I kill you). Anyways, I have Ozzfest to look forward to supposedly for sure this summer.. YAY. I am hoping to go to the Warped Tour as well :D. I was bored so I stole the a-z band thing from demonicxrage (MAXIMUS!). Here goes:
B: Beatles
C: Cream
D: Dinosaur Jr.
E: Everclear
F: Foo Fighters
G: Goo Goo Dolls
H: Harvey Danger
I: Incubus
J: Jimmy Eat World (gb should know why XD)
K: Korn
L: Led Zeppelin
M: Metallica
N: Nirvana
O: Oasis
P: Pink Floyd
Q: Queen
R: Radiohead
S: Smashing Pumpkins
T: The Cure
U: Unwritten Law
V: Vivaldi
W: Weezer
Y: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z: Zwan

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Free Friday. [28 Mar 2003|01:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

ummm... Fridays have seemingly turned into free days in my class... gotta love free time at school :D. i never thought i would say this but... THANK DOG FOR LITTLE KIDS! >:D. Tonight is planned out... which is out of the ordinary... and which most likely means that something will go wrong... i'll let you know later. -_-. WE'RE FINALLY going to gb's house! after weeks and weeks of alternating between blu's and my house, the TIME has come... her mom finally said yes, i mean.
:( we cant go to the concert on Saturday. :(. but it was a good excuse to invite Nick and _____!!! ahhh. -_-. gah.
There is something wrong with being able to play Mudvayne in class... i do like the fact that i am sitting next to Kiwi and she doesnt like the music im playing >:D *turns it up*
hmmm... the chances i will see _____ this weekend = slim to NONE *sniff*. :/ ya never know! lol

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[24 Mar 2003|07:23pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

LOOK OUT!!! *gasp* Watch for falling grades. -_-

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High School [20 Mar 2003|07:55am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I picked my electives yesterday. And, i found out that i got reccomended for all Honors/AP. I really dont understand this because i would like to think that your grades should reflect what classes you are reccomended for... Kyle and I are in most of the same classes :D and GB didnt get reccomended for anything, so she took all the same classes that i have. GB and i also both took French I and Guitar, which turn out to both be full year courses, so no hope of finishing the PE requirements early like the counselors tell you to. I am failing Algebra for a FACT, and I did poorly in L.A. so why would i be in the same classes as a straight-A student? -___- well, my mom still doesnt know that i signed up for my classes already, so i think she's gonna be a little pissed when she finds out because she is still under the impression that i am going to LPA... hah, i told her i wasnt from the START. anyways... we have a sub in Mrs. Owens so that makes the day less stressful to begin with, and we have one of my favorite substitutes, she lets us listen to cd players and do what we want just so we wont cause a disturbance. Also helps that she thinks i am a good student lol.

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Livin' the lame life. [18 Mar 2003|11:49pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Today was pretty dull. Wow, how out of the ordinary.
I cant stand to be around my mom for any extended period of time, and this i think is rather sad. She is so oblivious. On the way home in the car, she waited until we pulled up at the house to pull some shit out and to basically interrogate me. At least i could just get out of the car... which i did, and glady. I get the feeling she is going to send me to a fucking psychologist or something -__- whoopee. I have SO much to look forward to dont i?
Anyways, if anyone even cares, i am completely undecided on what electives to take next year. I have to sign up for them tomorrow. I'm definately going to take French I, and probably Guitar if not Band. My friend told me that Self Defense is really easy, and i wanted to see what it would be like anyways, so i am probably going to take that. I probably got reccomended for reagular classes, which is fine with me. I am just not fucking going into IB.

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Fun Weekend... [16 Mar 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Hmmm... Do you love the feeling you get when you have had a really fun weekend? what about the ominous feeling that comes with knowing that you are going back to school? Well...I havent written in here for a while... nothing is really new with ME. oooh! Blu and Nick are finally going out (geeez. 'bout time):D... and believe it or not this actually benefits ME! muahahahaa >:D he's supposed to teach me the guitar... he is really good damnit. in FYE he picked up the acoustic guitar they have in the back (and it is missing the high E string) yet he still managed to play over 20 songs perfectly! AAAAAAH. aaanyways... Friday night was fucking awesome. Blu and her parents took me to the Elementry concert at J's Bar and Grill... except that we couldnt get in... it was FUNNNNN... and after the concert at the bar, they threw a second party/concert at a girl's house. I am still amazed at the level of trust Blu's parents have in her. ANYWAYS, the second show was awesome, but i felt sorry for the new singer (Anthony) that night was his first show ever and he put on one more than expected... he has such a good scream >:D *tries to remember friday night* hmmm... after the oh-so-fabulous concert blu and i got locked out of her house for 5 whole hours! She has countless bug bites on her arms and back... :( hah. who would have thought her parents would have gotten home at close to 7 in the morning! aah.
Oh, and on Saturday Blu and i went to the mall and met GB, Cherry and Nick there... Cherry and Nick have both said that one hit on the other when Cherry was taking Nick home (after we got dropped off at Blu's house)... LOL. I think its funny, cause everyone knows who has the reputaion for cheating on all his girlfriends. Heh.

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FRUIT AND MUSIC... [09 Mar 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | awake ]

*cough* Kiwi-_-... VOS!... and a new unnamed band! "my life is just one mass of free time"... i guess thats because i dont do the things i "need" to do (homework...classwork...school everything) ummm YEAH!! I'm in a new band... (i did it for Blu. hah.) and this is mainly only because i have a lame life, and i need things i enjoy to fill the emptiness, and because (bumm bumm bummmm) Nick Jane is the drummer, and Adam is the bassist! a certain *coughdrummerslutcough* better be happy.. lol. AAAH tonight was the first time i have had to display my 'guitar skills' in front of adults! (BLU's parents -__-) pretty OK weekend... i got to sneak out of the house at like 1-2 a.m.! yay. Well, more yay to not getting caught.
(thanks for the insp. GB) hmmm.. Kiwi, talk to me. Not that I am incapeable of talking to you, but i need something to come from YOU. I am so fucking sick of hearing shit "THROUGH THE FUCKING GRAPEVINE" or from people that have nothing to do with ANY reson i migh have for disliking you right now... I really want to talk again. Joe (demonicrxage) made a list that i mostly agree with *whoopdy doooo*. Such a good reason for you to dismiss any attempt i have made to confront you. I really hope youre not too 'above it all' to discuss rather than dismiss, what i thought was a friendship?

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WAH. Reading break... [04 Mar 2003|11:59pm]
Heeeeeh. FCAT. Wah. Water and books suck together. :'( Does anyone who reads this, ever feel like there simply is always a lack of time? And as a result, are not able to sleep normally...? :\ I know its not late now, but I know for a fact that I won't be ABLE to sleep for several more hours. It feels like I go to sleep right before I should be getting ready for school. Sleep = weakness?? sleep = relief?? sleep = waste of time?? Seems like I can't sleep when I am supposed to, and that I only want to sleep when I can't. I am not an insomniac, or at least I dont think so... haha. my friend said that you wouldn't be able to tell whether I even had circles under my eyes because I have on so much eyeliner :\ Wouldnt anyone rather do something constructive rather than lie motionless for hours? There are so many books I have yet to finish, or even start. Does no one ever think about these things, or is it just that no one discusses them? Damn. This is meaningless. Does this mean I over-asses things? what CAN'T you asess? hmmm... I guess I will go stare at Bert on my ceiling for a few hours. Or maybe read... How often do YOU read??
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FUCKERS. [28 Feb 2003|07:10pm]
WAH. DAMN. The time has finally come. My friends are going to meet my family. NOT COOL. I hate my family.... most of the time. heh. Thats not harsh is it?? OH WELL... I guess the mall will be funnnnn... most likely it wont be THAT fun... wow I'm optomistic. yeaaaaaah. School was gay today. REALLY GAY. Some might call it fun... the only fun part was not having all the dumbasses that make up my class there. All my friends were there, so thats ok I guess...(except for KIWIIIIII... u stayed home.)
POOR POOOOOOR BEANS. No Sum 41... I actually do feel sorry for her. She wanted to go SO bad. =( I'm not going either (obviously... it started 10 minutes ago) GB was my ride to and from the concert. But the sad thing is that there is a perfectly good (UNUSED) ticket out there. Cherry has an extra. That sucks.
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[26 Feb 2003|06:51pm]
Waaaaaah!!! WHY?!?! I ASK WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?... oh wow. Today was awfully disturbing. *shiver* why the FUCK would they do that????? GB you know what I'm saying!! (WHY?) I really have no problem with WHAT they 'want'(or DID muahahaaaaa! SLASH!) or... well they like both haha. aaaanyway... I just had ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA!! wow. if I really knew one or both of them better then I would be even MORE disturbed because I had NO idea... well I knew about ONE of them... but the other... I had NO idea!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH. WHY. WHY. WHY?! haha. I think I know why. *shiver* eeeeeeeew. *tries to get rid of mental picture forming* AAAAAAAAH! NO!!!!!! stop!!! dont do it!!!! *cry* eww.
DAMN. i have to clean house/room. beware GB I havent done this in YEARS so dont expect it to be all preeeeety.
Well. I am hoping to go to Sum 41 on Friday (I guess :/) I dont have a ride... and I have lessons on Fridays. Well... school is a bitch. I almost killed lisa and mr lebon also for being such a dumbass. LiEEEEk Wow23rs! LOOK! i wore all black today M@r1837h!!! god. i was about to fucking snap. good thing i have a real good grip on my anger huh? *cough* sheesh. my grades are going down the fucking toilet. i wish my teachers would leave me the FUCK alone and stop calling my fucking house. wow. i didnt do ONE fucking project, and i hate mrs owens. nothing new here so stop acting surprised.
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