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WAH. DAMN. The time has finally come. My friends are going to meet my family. NOT COOL. I hate my family.... most of the time. heh. Thats not harsh is it?? OH WELL... I guess the mall will be funnnnn... most likely it wont be THAT fun... wow I'm optomistic. yeaaaaaah. School was gay today. REALLY GAY. Some might call it fun... the only fun part was not having all the dumbasses that make up my class there. All my friends were there, so thats ok I guess...(except for KIWIIIIII... u stayed home.)
POOR POOOOOOR BEANS. No Sum 41... I actually do feel sorry for her. She wanted to go SO bad. =( I'm not going either (obviously... it started 10 minutes ago) GB was my ride to and from the concert. But the sad thing is that there is a perfectly good (UNUSED) ticket out there. Cherry has an extra. That sucks.
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