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WAH. Reading break...

Heeeeeh. FCAT. Wah. Water and books suck together. :'( Does anyone who reads this, ever feel like there simply is always a lack of time? And as a result, are not able to sleep normally...? :\ I know its not late now, but I know for a fact that I won't be ABLE to sleep for several more hours. It feels like I go to sleep right before I should be getting ready for school. Sleep = weakness?? sleep = relief?? sleep = waste of time?? Seems like I can't sleep when I am supposed to, and that I only want to sleep when I can't. I am not an insomniac, or at least I dont think so... haha. my friend said that you wouldn't be able to tell whether I even had circles under my eyes because I have on so much eyeliner :\ Wouldnt anyone rather do something constructive rather than lie motionless for hours? There are so many books I have yet to finish, or even start. Does no one ever think about these things, or is it just that no one discusses them? Damn. This is meaningless. Does this mean I over-asses things? what CAN'T you asess? hmmm... I guess I will go stare at Bert on my ceiling for a few hours. Or maybe read... How often do YOU read??
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