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Fun Weekend...

Hmmm... Do you love the feeling you get when you have had a really fun weekend? what about the ominous feeling that comes with knowing that you are going back to school? Well...I havent written in here for a while... nothing is really new with ME. oooh! Blu and Nick are finally going out (geeez. 'bout time):D... and believe it or not this actually benefits ME! muahahahaa >:D he's supposed to teach me the guitar... he is really good damnit. in FYE he picked up the acoustic guitar they have in the back (and it is missing the high E string) yet he still managed to play over 20 songs perfectly! AAAAAAH. aaanyways... Friday night was fucking awesome. Blu and her parents took me to the Elementry concert at J's Bar and Grill... except that we couldnt get in... it was FUNNNNN... and after the concert at the bar, they threw a second party/concert at a girl's house. I am still amazed at the level of trust Blu's parents have in her. ANYWAYS, the second show was awesome, but i felt sorry for the new singer (Anthony) that night was his first show ever and he put on one more than expected... he has such a good scream >:D *tries to remember friday night* hmmm... after the oh-so-fabulous concert blu and i got locked out of her house for 5 whole hours! She has countless bug bites on her arms and back... :( hah. who would have thought her parents would have gotten home at close to 7 in the morning! aah.
Oh, and on Saturday Blu and i went to the mall and met GB, Cherry and Nick there... Cherry and Nick have both said that one hit on the other when Cherry was taking Nick home (after we got dropped off at Blu's house)... LOL. I think its funny, cause everyone knows who has the reputaion for cheating on all his girlfriends. Heh.
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