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Livin' the lame life.

Today was pretty dull. Wow, how out of the ordinary.
I cant stand to be around my mom for any extended period of time, and this i think is rather sad. She is so oblivious. On the way home in the car, she waited until we pulled up at the house to pull some shit out and to basically interrogate me. At least i could just get out of the car... which i did, and glady. I get the feeling she is going to send me to a fucking psychologist or something -__- whoopee. I have SO much to look forward to dont i?
Anyways, if anyone even cares, i am completely undecided on what electives to take next year. I have to sign up for them tomorrow. I'm definately going to take French I, and probably Guitar if not Band. My friend told me that Self Defense is really easy, and i wanted to see what it would be like anyways, so i am probably going to take that. I probably got reccomended for reagular classes, which is fine with me. I am just not fucking going into IB.
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