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High School

I picked my electives yesterday. And, i found out that i got reccomended for all Honors/AP. I really dont understand this because i would like to think that your grades should reflect what classes you are reccomended for... Kyle and I are in most of the same classes :D and GB didnt get reccomended for anything, so she took all the same classes that i have. GB and i also both took French I and Guitar, which turn out to both be full year courses, so no hope of finishing the PE requirements early like the counselors tell you to. I am failing Algebra for a FACT, and I did poorly in L.A. so why would i be in the same classes as a straight-A student? -___- well, my mom still doesnt know that i signed up for my classes already, so i think she's gonna be a little pissed when she finds out because she is still under the impression that i am going to LPA... hah, i told her i wasnt from the START. anyways... we have a sub in Mrs. Owens so that makes the day less stressful to begin with, and we have one of my favorite substitutes, she lets us listen to cd players and do what we want just so we wont cause a disturbance. Also helps that she thinks i am a good student lol.
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