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Free Friday.

ummm... Fridays have seemingly turned into free days in my class... gotta love free time at school :D. i never thought i would say this but... THANK DOG FOR LITTLE KIDS! >:D. Tonight is planned out... which is out of the ordinary... and which most likely means that something will go wrong... i'll let you know later. -_-. WE'RE FINALLY going to gb's house! after weeks and weeks of alternating between blu's and my house, the TIME has come... her mom finally said yes, i mean.
:( we cant go to the concert on Saturday. :(. but it was a good excuse to invite Nick and _____!!! ahhh. -_-. gah.
There is something wrong with being able to play Mudvayne in class... i do like the fact that i am sitting next to Kiwi and she doesnt like the music im playing >:D *turns it up*
hmmm... the chances i will see _____ this weekend = slim to NONE *sniff*. :/ ya never know! lol
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