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belated post

Well, havent posted in a long time... last weekend was amazing. I went to see The Used with Kiwi and Nikki, and I finally completed my goal of meeting Bert McCracken >:D (and I have the pictures to prove it).
Heh... heh. Spring Break is this week, hope it will be fun(or I kill you). Anyways, I have Ozzfest to look forward to supposedly for sure this summer.. YAY. I am hoping to go to the Warped Tour as well :D. I was bored so I stole the a-z band thing from demonicxrage (MAXIMUS!). Here goes:
B: Beatles
C: Cream
D: Dinosaur Jr.
E: Everclear
F: Foo Fighters
G: Goo Goo Dolls
H: Harvey Danger
I: Incubus
J: Jimmy Eat World (gb should know why XD)
K: Korn
L: Led Zeppelin
M: Metallica
N: Nirvana
O: Oasis
P: Pink Floyd
Q: Queen
R: Radiohead
S: Smashing Pumpkins
T: The Cure
U: Unwritten Law
V: Vivaldi
W: Weezer
Y: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Z: Zwan
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