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Havent updated in a long time... sorry about that.. WELL, Thursday and Friday at school was our Wax Museum. Everyone in my class had to choose a person to portray. We had to dress up like them and memorize a speech with the most important and interesting facts about them. All grades at our school came to see us make fools out of ourselves over the course of 2 days. I chose to be Brandon Lee. I enjoyed learning new things about him, but I didnt really enjoy having people harass me. I was one of the most popular wax figures (so I got activated OVER and OVER) though I only got attention because I was dressed strangely... Not only was I Brandon Lee, but my teacher thought it would be better to dress up as Eric Draven from the Crow (complete with the face makeup). Needless to say (to those of you in my class anyways)I got into a fight. This girl, Antoinette(sp?)Carrion (Mrs.Carrion's daughter) was pissing me off a LOT. She 'activated' me repeatedly, and kept on touching my guitar and laughing to her idiotic friends. She shoved me, my guitar hit the wall (trigger fires in my head at this point), and I get... mad. I was careful to give my guitar to gb(in the middle of a speech at this point) before I went after her. Mrs. Siringo ended up coming inbetween us. Overall, the lamest bitch-fight ever.
On a new topic, I am happy to say that my guitar skills are finally developing. I can finally play quite a few songs that I like... an hopefully gb, blu and I will play one together soon..
Sadly, Joe (demonicxrage) is moving. Wah. Not like I havent known for a while but- I didnt exactly realize he was moving in 20 days. I WILL MISS YOU JOE :D. But, seeing as how you are looking forward to moving that much, I hope its great.
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