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Summer Sloth

Welp, havent updated in ages, as usual. Lets see, what terribly exciting events have taken place since my last entry? SCHOOL ENDED! yay. Thats enough for me. No sob stories from me about how I miss class, nope.

I finally talked to Joe since he moved, yay! I dont know what to say except that I wish he didnt move, but it's not like I can help that... :( I know I'll miss him more when I actually accept that he's not gonna be back anytime soon (still waiting for it to dawn on me I guess). Friends moving away always sucks. Its weird thinking back on all the friends I have lost, or moved away from. Back then, my relationships with all my friends seemed so significant, but thinking about it now, they seem so... cheap and pointless and just- stupid. Before I moved here, I had absolutely no sense of self (analyze that however). I was the loud girl in my class that had lots of friends, and two supposed "best friends". We did things every weekend, and considered ourselves quite the bad-asses. The things I did back then were so stupid. I was so idiotic (who's to say I'm not now.. but- umm yeah). I didnt get to know people well, or let them know me. I always want to know as much as possible about others, while getting aways with saying as little as possible. What I think is weird is that, I used to consider the people I associated myself with back then to be true friends. More recently, the people I hang out with... Well, I would LIKE to say I know a lot about them(I think so..), and they know more about me than anyone else has, and yet I have a major problem with even thinking that anyone is or could be a true friend to me. Anyways, summing up this completely idiotic waste of space that I just typed for no apparent reason heh, I used to be content with so much less than I have now (that applies to a lot of things). I dont know what happened, and whether thats good or bad. Nothing that I care about ever seems to have a solution (especially one that I'd like).


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Umm... all fear meh? O.o

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You are Lamentations.

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The maker of that quiz is seriously deranged.
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