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Ozzfest '03

Ozzfest was the shit. Ozzy was fucking awesome. Korn kicked ass. Disturbed was good. Manson was really good. Chevelle sucked. Cradle of Filth sucked(XD). Chimera was awesome. Voivod, and Twisted Metal werent that good... werent that bad either. Motograter was okay. Mr. Bunny(aka- Lecter... keyboard player) was the shit. THE SHIT I TELL YOU! "THROWWWWWW YOUR BRAAAAAAAS AT MISTAH BUNNAH!!!!"-Dani Filth. Heh.

The End.


Oh yeah... GreenBean... hate to break it to you BUT- I secretly LOVE Cradle Of Filth... just so you know. ;)
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