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*cough* Kiwi-_-... VOS!... and a new unnamed band! "my life is just one mass of free time"... i guess thats because i dont do the things i "need" to do (homework...classwork...school everything) ummm YEAH!! I'm in a new band... (i did it for Blu. hah.) and this is mainly only because i have a lame life, and i need things i enjoy to fill the emptiness, and because (bumm bumm bummmm) Nick Jane is the drummer, and Adam is the bassist! a certain *coughdrummerslutcough* better be happy.. lol. AAAH tonight was the first time i have had to display my 'guitar skills' in front of adults! (BLU's parents -__-) pretty OK weekend... i got to sneak out of the house at like 1-2 a.m.! yay. Well, more yay to not getting caught.
(thanks for the insp. GB) hmmm.. Kiwi, talk to me. Not that I am incapeable of talking to you, but i need something to come from YOU. I am so fucking sick of hearing shit "THROUGH THE FUCKING GRAPEVINE" or from people that have nothing to do with ANY reson i migh have for disliking you right now... I really want to talk again. Joe (demonicrxage) made a list that i mostly agree with *whoopdy doooo*. Such a good reason for you to dismiss any attempt i have made to confront you. I really hope youre not too 'above it all' to discuss rather than dismiss, what i thought was a friendship?
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Like I said, Greenbean was a fool to forgive her with what she's put on the table. Don't be as stupid as her (No offense GB).
No, it's okay. I know I'm stupid. But after a while, Even I must confront people. So I am a fool, not too proud, but I am. Maybe the word isn't "fool" but "naive". It's a shame I know. :/
Gee! You were listening to LIKE A STONE. I am SO surprised! Lol...